It has been reported up to 75% of individuals over the age of 65 wear shoes which are too SMALL.

Shoes that are too BIG can lead to many foot complications as well.  The problem arises from where the shoes bend. When you look for shoes you want to buy make sure the shoes bend where your toes bend, but nowhere else.

If your shoes are too big if they bend past where your toes bend, and are too small if they bend before where your toes bend. This leads to foot complications under the “ball” of the foot such as neuromas (enlarged, inflamed nerve), calluses, and blisters.

The sole of the shoe should be firm from the “ball” of the foot to the heel. Pointed shoes or shoes with a shallow toe box can crowd the toes leading to or exacerbating foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes.

Many foot complications can be avoided by carefully choosing the proper style, size, and shoe material. In addition to shoe gear, daily foot inspection and simple precautions can help keep our feet pain-free and in good health.