Heel Pain, “Walk it Off” or Have it Checked?

Heel pain is something that is very common and very treatable. The problem is a lot of the time we think we can “just walk it off”. In some cases this works and the pain decreases or relieves itself. However, sometimes we try to “walk it off” without success, the pain continues, worsens and then we have been weeks, months and in some cases years with pain that doesn’t seem to improve.

Heel pain can be felt on the bottom of the heel, and even extend through the arch of the foot up into the toes. Also, pain in the back of the heel where the Achilles Tendon inserts is very common. Other symptoms can be pain in the heel bone, or pain in the back of the bone of a developing child, typically pre-teen or teenager over the growth plate, especially with sports.

These are all symptoms that should be examined if the pain doesn’t improve within 1-2 weeks. In all likelihood, whatever is the underlying cause isn’t going to be “walked off” and will require treatment of some kind to relieve or alleviate the pain.

We here at the Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, at one of our locations along the Wasatch Front and Back, are here to accurately diagnose, treat and get you back on your feet without pain and back to the activities that you want to be doing, not trying to “walk it off”. Time is not our friend with heel pain. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to get you back in a shorter time period. Don’t wait trying to “walk it off”. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and get on the road to recovery.