We treat all conditions pertaining to the foot and ankle. We provide medical and surgical treatment. Below are some of the more common services we offer but rest assured we can treat almost any condition with the foot and ankle.


Patients with diabetes have extra risks of infections and injuries of their feet than other patients. Extra foot care and attention are then required for these patients. Our certified podiatrists have extensive experience and knowledge in diabetic foot care. We highly recommend that our diabetic patients contact us at the first sign of a foot injury.


Surgery of any kind is scary, expensive and should be the last treatment option. At Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, we feel the same way. Foot and ankle surgery should only be recommended as the last resort. We’ll do whatever we can to treat and resolve our client’s foot and ankle problems before surgery is needed.


Ingrown toenails are one of the most dreaded foot issues people don’t want to have. Besides the negative social stigma of ingrown toenails, there can be pain, discomfort infection and often an unsightly appearance attached as well.


We provide comprehensive care using the most relevant and cutting-edge technologies. Systems like the QuantaFlo PAD Test allow us to discover and treat problems with circulation to your arms and legs while ultrasounds help visualize and diagnose soft tissue injuries and foot problems such as tendon pathology or plantar fasciitis. We also offer laser treatment of fungal nail with Pinpoint Laser.


When you experience a foot or ankle injury or infection, your life can come to a stop. We rely on our feet and ankles to do life. Many times, they are taken for granted and we only see their importance when they are not able to function properly. Most foot and ankle issues are a result of injury, poor foot care or genetics.


Flat feet or high arches not only make it difficult to find comfortable shoes or even walk with ease. Structural foot and ankle issues are not only problems in and of themselves, but they can also lead to additional foot and ankle problems. The most common treatment to correct foot and ankle alignment issues is using orthotics.


A severe foot injury can happen at any age. This is why at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, you’ll find foot and ankle services for the entire family. We know that a sports ankle injury for a 10-year old soccer player is to be treated differently than fitting an orthotic for a diabetic patient with sensitive feet. You can rest assured that our professional doctors and medical assistants will provide the finest rehabilitative, surgical and general podiatry services.